Hong Kong Accepts Philippine’s Regret over Hostage Crisis Last 2010

bus jackingOffering their “sorrowful regret and sympathy” to the 2010 Manila hostage crisis, the bitter conflict with Hong Kong was now resolved. The victim’s families have finally accepted the deep regret, according to Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras.

The conflict between the two countries arising from the hostage crisis have been finally settled after the demands of the families have been met, which includes tokens of solidarity and tourist safety measures. This agreement was met after a closed-door meeting among Philippine and Hong Kong officials with the families of the victims, with former Philippine president Joseph Estrada and Almendras on the Philippine team.

“Did I apologize for President Aquino? I did not say anything to that effect but I expressed certain emotions and certain things relative to that. But it was not an outright (apology),” said Almendras in a Malacañang press briefing.

He added, “I have no authority to say ‘I am sorry on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines’ but we made sure that we addressed the issues.”

He expressed gratitude to the entire Philippine team who helped to resolve the conflict, citing ex-president, currently Manila Mayor Estrada’s key role in the meeting. Estrada presented a city council resolution expressing the apology for the incident. He made an apology in 2013 right after his election as the Mayor of Metro Manila. The Philippine National Police also sent letters of regret to each of the victim’s families.

There have been apologies before but none of them was accepted, and when Almendras was asked why Estrada’s apology was accepted this time, he said that the delivery and the tone are equally important to the message.

Almendras also thanked the Hong Kong panel involved in the discussion to end the conflict.

“We had good times, we had a lot of tough times, but in the end we came across. And I would like to acknowledge their professionalism,” he said.

Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III was very happy to learn that the Philippines and Hong Kong have resolved their conflicts regarding the hostage incident. It will also lift the sanctions Hong Kong imposed against the Philippines.

“I’m sure with all the problems we have, every single solution, however small the problem is, if you solve it, it is one less thing to worry about,” Almendras added.

We can remember last August 23, 2010, the Manila hostage crisis, officially known as the Rizal park hostage-taking incident took place. Rolando Mendoza, a former Philippine National Police office, hijacked a tourist bus in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines. The bus contains 25 people, which consists of 21 Hong Kong nationals and 4 locals. The hostage incident resulted to the death of 9 people and resulted to a conflict between Philippines and Hong Kong.

The relationship between the two countries was severely affected, threatening the country’s image and the safety and well-being of Filipinos overseas especially at Hong Kong. Many criticized the Philippine National Police for their lack of planning and strategy for negotiating with the hostage taker.


The Sun Causes Skin Cancer – Does it?


The Sun

Climate change and global warming have greatly affected the human race. We are exposed more than ever to the harmful rays of the sun. Due to the exaggerated green house effect, the earth’s atmosphere cannot completely protect us compared to before. There is an increase incidence of skin cancer, where in America alone, more than 3 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year. But, is the sun really to blame regarding the increase rate of skin cancer?

The Sun and Skin Cancer

Sun exposure can increase the rate of skin cancer. However this is only half true. In fact, our faulty diet is much more to blame for this deadly disease. The sun is just a precipitating factor. People who have nutritional deficiency – those who lack essential vitamins and antioxidants in their diets are more prone to cancers including this type. The interaction of the sun’s UV rays and the toxins and adipose or fat cells are the primary reasons why there are abnormal cell growths. These turn out to be cancer cells. So, the sun is not mainly to blame, it’s the faulty diet.

Lighter Skin Tone vs. Darker Skin Tone

People with lighter skin tone are more prone to skin cancer than people who are tanned or who have darker skin tone. This is true especially if you don’t keep an eye on what you are eating. People with darker tone have increased melanin in their skin giving them a built in sunscreen. This is the primary reason why there are rare cases of skin cancer among African Americans.  So if you would ask, if tanning is a superb way for you to prevent skin cancer? The answer would definitely be yes! But you also have to consider Tan Extended Skin Care.

 How to Prevent Skin Cancer?

Since the sun is a precipitating factor for skin cancer, excessive exposure should be avoided especially during summer. However, moderate amounts of sunlight along with a varied diet containing nature’s natural protective antioxidants and vitamins is actually beneficial for your overall well being and help prevent all types of cancer including skin cancer.

Getting tanned maybe surrounded with issues but the truth is tanning helps prevent skin cancer. You can reap all the benefits of having a bronze skin tone may it be tanning through sun bathing or a tanning booth. Tan on Studios Kelowna  offers a variety of services to help you get a gorgeous tan that will provide you protection from the sun’s harmful rays. In addition tanning booth can help generate vitamin D to prevent cancer.

Final Thought!

If the sun is really to blame regarding the increase rate of skin cancer, the rate should be higher because the sun cannot be avoided at all times. Human factor contributes the most for the increased incidence. But we can prevent this by caring more for the environment and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Getting tanned usually helps, and for alternative ways to get tanned you can visit Launch Gateway.


Can Americans Lose Weight?

fat americansWay before the advent of technology, prior to the invention of steam engine, even before homo sapiens discovered fire, people used to move a lot. The inhabitants of earth used to muster amazing dexterity and remarkable athleticism to hunt and forage for food. It was like survival mode on a daily basis. They used to live in a cycle of unpredictable nutrition. They stayed lean and sharp while enduring the harsh outdoor weathers. Guess what? They have lived way longer than the longest lifespan today.


Today, everything is a lot easier. We don’t need to hunt for food anymore. You can even find the most exotic wild delicacy in a can. We don’t need to go foraging for berries anymore. Everything is at the grocery, even the ones not native to your country.


What Happened?

The wide availability of fuel made it possible to mechanize virtually anything. People used to painstakingly search and salvage the carcass of their catch. Today, you can order fast-food online and it usually arrives in half an hour.


What happened to America and the whole world is a result of quantum advancement in technology and lack of discipline and absence of self-respect. Doing something that harms the body is, yes, an inevitable self-abuse. Eating is pleasurable, eating a lot is a lot more pleasurable; but eating unhealthy food in a daily basis paired with sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for obesity and ultimately, untimely death.


Obesity is the New Fad

According to State of Food and Agriculture, America is the second fattest country in the world wherein you will bump in with an obese person 32% of the time when you take a walk. What’s worse is that incidents are a lot higher on children! These young ones have already adapted what the adults are doing! Dad is a couch potato; so is Junior! What makes it more amazing is that you can play catch online which removes the physical element of the activity, thereby eliminating recommended expenditure of energy and conserving more calories in the form of adiposities. The longer we stay in front of the TV, computer, tablet or whatever portable gaming console you can think of, the fatter we can become.


Everything is mechanized and removes human effort from doing things. We are on a technologically advanced era where in a lot of products are untouched by human hands. We can operate from a distance with the touch of our fingertips and I bet you won’t be spending too much calories pressing that button. The result, very little effort to accomplish everything.


Too Late?

There is a saying that goes like “It’s never too late” and, yeah, it really is never too late to get back on shape, or in cases of chronic obesity, start getting in shape. The best thing that America can do is to influence its people to move more and eat less. It is the society’s responsibility to introduce and inculcate the importance of fitness and wellness to the minds of its people. Government policy can be a driving force in this effort by subsidizing personal training costs and encouraging people to get active by rewarding them financially. Aside from promoting exercise and healthy diet, the people in America must be proactive in losing weight by reducing the availability of unhealthy, greasy foods and boosting the amount of healthy foods available in the market. It only takes one decision to turn everything around and once America starts to make that decision, they can all be able to say goodbye to obesity and hello to health and fitness!


Dental Health – An Increasing Concern Nowadays for Most Canadians

Aside from the growing number of individuals who are concerned with their health on a daily basis, more and more Canadians find themselves concerned with dental health. Without the proper care fore the tongue, mouth, teeth and gums. People may have to deal with a variety of health problems as a result to such negligence.

There is a certain portion of population in Canada that is not capable of obtaining basic dental care. Statistic have shown that those who cannot afford to go to the dentists are those who are earning less than the average as they are avoiding the cost of maintaining this kind of health care. Mostly those who are well compensated and who have their dental insurance are the ones taking full advantage of the benefits of dental care.

Dental care is very important as it is part of our daily oral hygiene. Without the proper education on how individuals can maintain healthy gums and teeth, this will then results to more problems pertaining to oral health and will eventually lead to other health complications.

Dental issues can lead to other health problems. Without maintaining oral health, a person can experience issues that may affect the person’s overall health. One example is being able to digest food properly. Knowing that the mouth is part of the digestive system, it is essential that oral health is as well given high importance. Oral deficiencies may as well occur because of poor dental health.

More and more individuals nowadays are finding oral hygiene to be very important that is why they choose to look for helpful gadgets and dental tools that will help in promoting oral care. One of the most popular options nowadays is using water flossers. Water flossers are one of the best tools that individuals can use in keeping the mouth, teeth and the gums clean from time to time.

Aside from the usual electronic brushes that people are used to, these water flossers are found to be economical and eco-friendly for everybody to use. Through using this type of irrigator device, people can prevent possible dental diseases that can be caused by poor dental hygiene. Aside from these oral care tools, it is also essential to visit the dentist regularly to go through dental treatment as recommended.

It is necessary for every individual to take part in promoting dental hygiene. Oral care is essential in order to maintain overall well-being. Everybody should keep in mind that everything that goes into the mouth is being distributed throughout the body. This just means that if dirt and germs are present on your teeth and gums, chances are this can affect your body as well.


Health Report: Eating Healthy on the Road

Eating Healthy on the Road

As a business professional that happens to travels quite consistently, it can be a real battle to stay on track with any health goals you are trying to maintain. About 5 years ago, I was trying to lose weight but found it difficult to stay on my diet anytime I was forced to go on the road for business. It was in fact the road which was making me heavier as the networking breakfasts and after-hour dinner and drinks had really caught up to my waistline. I decided to come up with a plan that would be consistent with my meal plan at home and own it as best I can. Below I have outlined a couple different scenarios which are common for business professional and how you can stay healthy at them.

Breakfast Functions

Depending on where you are in world, breakfast meeting and functions are always a popular event. This is also perhaps the most important event in setting yourself up for a successful diet day as if you gorge at breakfast, you’ll give up the rest of the day too. If you are trying to lose weight as I was, it’s also best to start each morning with a short functional exercise workout before your day gets started. Brew yourself up a cup of coffee in the room and head down to the fitness centre for even a 15 or 20 minute jog if that’s all you have time for. This will get you in a good mind set and prepare you to make the healthy choices at breakfast.

At the buffet table, there are some extremely simple things to remember which have you feeling good for the rest of the day and help you to lose weight. The goal is to have a high-protein breakfast so make sure to have a couple of eggs, some breakfast meat (try and avoid bacon or sausage) and some fresh fruit. The big things to avoid are things which are heavy white carbohydrates like potatoes and toast. Follow the above and you’ll be on your to losing a few pounds.

The after Dinner Cocktail

It’s well known that a great way to sneak on pounds is through alcohol. Enjoying 4 or 5 beers in a night is equivalent to an entire meal and when you work hard all day to stay healthy, a night of drinking can turn your plan on its head. If you enjoy the atmosphere and the networking opportunities try to follow a couple simple tips. The first one is to drink red wine. Even though it has ahigh sugar content, it has so many benefits that at least you are still doing your body some favors. Not a fan of wine? Try to reduce the types of mix you use with liquor. Instead of a rum and coke, try out a gin and soda. Not only is it refreshing but you are skipping 100 calories the coke adds and staying hydrated by drinking soda water in its place. Brilliant!


63-Year-Old Woman From Maine Kayaks to Guatemala

Deb Walters

Deb Walters, a 63-year-old woman from Maine is making the trek from Maine to Guatemala by kayaking. Walters, a retired scientist, first came up with the idea when she visited Guatemala seven years ago. The 2,500 mile trip would serve to raise funds for a charity called Safe Passage. Safe Passage helps aid families lining in the slums in Guatemala City.

Most of the families there are living out of the dumps. The families there have very little for their children, and Safe Passage hopes to decrease that deficit by raising and donating proceeds, time, and knowledge.

Although it’s natural to feel nervous for Walters. she’s certainly no stranger to the sea. Walter’s has embarked on several solo kayaking journeys before. Furthermore, she has also been in situations where she has had to battle severe weather and even hurricanes.

Walter is confident she will be able to handle any challenge she meets on the sea.

Additionally, Walters has had tons of support with her trip. She has over 45 corporate sponsors who have decked her out with all the latest technology and sportswear. She is testing out several products for various vendors, as well as sporting a Delorme GPS that tracks her location about every 10 minutes. Also, she has a GoPro on here kayak that will record the trip which she will add to a blog.

Walters would like to note she is independently funding the entirety of the trip, so any of the funds raised through Safe Passage because of her journey will go directly to the cause.

We would like to wish the best of luck to Deb Walters through her journey! Check back frequently for updates.

If you have any similar scenarios or advice for these types of trips, please feel free to comment below!


Fewer dogs injured in 2013 due to faulty wireless fences than ever before

DogAs technology improves, we’ve seen both tragedies and miracles happen. With new things changing monthly or daily as it feels, we seem to want to keep upgraded and keep our families safe and secure. Home security has become huge nowadays, cameras and surveillance following right after, tracking and GPS for family members and pets, and even pet containment such as wireless fences and correction collars.

These pet containment and deterrence systems have been a hot topic for skeptics and the like over the years. They have been seen as cruel and unsafe, which at one point in time this may have been true. In the past number of years however, there has been breakthrough technological advances and upgrades to these units that have made them so much safer for your dog and yourself. In 2013 alone, there was 78% fewer dogs injured by these units than the years preceding. One of the big issues was the exposed wires that the fences had (you place it around where you want your dog to stay such as the perimeter of your back yard). In the newer models of wireless fences, this is no longer an issue. They have given the wires a more durable coating which helps prevent faulty wires, water damage, sparks, and most importantly, from your dog (and other creatures) chewing through it and getting injured.

What has also been a huge factor in driving people away from using wireless fences is the notion that they are harmful to your dog when the correction is administered via the collar. This has been misunderstood by anyone who has thought such. The only thing that would be hurting your pet while wearing the collar is if it was put on too tightly and hurting their neck. These collars do not give an “electric shock” as most people think. The manufacturers are not trying to fry your dog! It’s merely a static correction, much like when you touch someone after rubbing your feet on the carpet. Of course, that is skin to skin. When your dog feels the correction when they get near the fence, it is not going right onto their neck skin. They have a protective layer of fur that lessens the feeling of it. It is only used for startling them to help them learn not to go near certain places.

The fact that your dog may not even need the static correction is a big bonus to some dog owners as well. So many of these fences (there really are a lot of them these days) start out by just giving your dog an auditory warning when they get close to the fence. If this is enough to deter your dog, then they will not even get close enough to have the static correction administered.

With a massive decline in wireless fence-related injuries, it seems safe to say that they have come a long way in the past few years, and are quickly becoming a common item in a dog-owners home.


Summertime – Staying Safe In the Sun

It’s summer time. The air, though humid, is refreshingly crisp and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. You and your family are enjoying this wonderful weather outside by the pool. The dogs are running around the yard in circles, tails wagging, pumped and excited to have some room for activities, mouths agape and tongues rolled out, the pooches clearly working up a sweat. You’re cooking some BBQ, one of your favorite past times, but you aren’t using a grill like all the other amateurs, oh no. You’re using a smoker from – pulled pork, ribs, burgers….all sizzling something delicious. The kids are even invested in this undertaking, watching the meat being slowly smoked, just waiting for that charcoal smoker -†smoky goodness barbecue to be ready, a most exquisite feast to be had.

As you and your family sit down to begin eating, out of nowhere, little Timmy passes out out of seemingly no where, and your wife begins to freak out. The weather might be beautiful and the slipping hazards of icy winter weather may be behind you, but be weary of the threats and hazards summer time brings! For they are numerous, indeed.

One of the most common afflictions one will face with greater frequency and intensity during the summer time would be dehydration. It is arguable with all the Iced Teas, soda pops, caffeinated and carbonated beverages out there, that most people live in a constant state of dehydration as it is. Water is one of the last things one will go for when they are selecting a beverage. As Doug Stanhope once brilliantly stated in one of his stand ups, humans are one of the only species who almost refuse to self-preserve themselves when it comes to beverage choice. You take a jog around the neighborhood with your dog and get back home, and grab two bowls. Fill one with water and the other one with soda, and that dog will go to the water EVERY time. Humans, on the other hand, are more likely to grab a soft drink or another type of dehydrating beverage immediately after strenuous activity. It’s as if we lack that self-preservation instinct.

Sun Stroke / Heat Stroke

As a former FedEx employee, I am well aware of the dangers of over-heating on a hot summers day. A sun stroke or heat stroke is a terrible experience, and the worst possible heat related injury. It can cause permanent brain damage or even death. Prolonged exposure to high heat combined with dehydration may lead to the bodies inability to cool itself down. Essentially, the bodies core temperature rising to 105 degrees Fahrenheit will lead to a heat stroke. If you suspect someone has heat stroke after they display the tell-tale signs (confusion, disorientation, dizziness, cramps, flushed skin, nausea and vomiting, frenzied breathing, seizures and losing consciousness) it is imperative you get this person medical care immediately. Try to get the persons temperature down yourself while you wait for medical care to arrive. Get them into a cold shower or bath tub, put a cold cloth on their forehead and another on the spot where their skull meets their spine.


Scoff all you want now, but sunburns can be quite serious. Not only can serious complication arise from getting to much sun on a consistent basis (skin cancer, for example), but don’t forget how irritating and debilitating sunburns can really be. I’ve had vacations ended short because of sunburns so intense, I could barely move without seering pain shooting throughout my back. Sunburns are more than just bright red splotches on your skin, sunburns are an irritating type of pain, not unlike stepping on a lego or stubbing your toe in intensity, but spread out and varying in sensations. Sunburns are even more irritating in that they can last for days. Recipients of sun burns oftentimes seek out aloe vera lotion for sweet, sweet release.

Enjoy your summer, people, but try to stay safe from these and various other heat related dangers one oftentimes ignores in the sweltering heat of summer.


NAFTA: 20 Years Later – We Still Struggle With Trade Agreements

US Lagging In Trade20 years have passed since NAFTA was first signed and our country still struggles mightily with Trade Agreements. And as China continues to play a larger and larger force in the global markets it’s time the US started to realize we aren’t the only game in town.

No Longer the Best Looking Gal in Town

I liken it to the prettiest girl in a small town. She may well be the only pretty girl in that small town and becomes to think she’s hot shit. When she’s all grown up and moves to the big city she gets fewer looks and far less attention. Suddenly, she’s not the hottest girl in town, in fact she’s a far cry from it. That’s the US, once the only pretty girl town now has woken up one day amidst globalization and realized there are other countries (girls) stealing the lime light! Talk about a blow to the ego!

The US is still a major player and hasn’t completely lost all traction but it continues to lose ground to other economic players. I spoke with a Calgary customs broker about the implications of the various free trade agreements currently on the table. They suggested that forwarding freight was still a chore when dealing with the US compared to other countries. This despite the fact that they’re our largest trading partner and account for the bulk of our imports and exports. Certainly, if we can’t get it right with our closest and one of our most willing trading partners how do we expect to nail it with other countries?

Learning to Give and Take

Part of the issue is the US has become so accustomed to being the rule maker they’re often out of touch with what other countries deem to be important in trade discussions. For example the US routinely mentions the environment to be one of the biggest points of discussion while negotiating trade – many other countries often don’t even table it – let alone consider it to be a major sticking point.

The US needs to realize we’re not the most attractive girl at the dance any longer. And as such, the US needs to start behaving in that manner. To quote a good friend “when a girl doesn’t struggle with her looks at all, she needs to get an anecdote”. It’s time for the US to get another card.


A Report About Back Pain

In a new report, office workers now are the leading category of workers who suffer from back pain in North America. This is likely due to the rise in the number of folks who work at a desk every day and the fact that a huge portion of the working population who do work desk jobs are getting older.

In speaking with a disability case manager she had this to say “chronic and severe back pain is the number one disability that we deal with on a day to day basis. It’s highly preventable, but most companies aren’t taking it seriously until a worker tries to make a disability claim. In addition to this workers don’t feel comfortable to taking the issue to their employers because it seems like a minor issue. On the contrary, chronic back pain is one of the most debilitating and frustrating one can have because trying to pin point the cause is very difficult. Usually it’s a result of years of poor posture and poor habits.”

I asked an ergonomics expert for some tips on preventing chronic back pain while working at a desk job, what follows are her suggestions.

Prevent Back Pain! Get One Of These!

Prevent Back Pain! Get One Of These!

1. Get an Exercise Ball to Sit On.

A lot of folks don’t feel comfortable with asking their boss if they can bring an exercise ball in to sit on. Admittedly it looks a little bit strange! However, what most people don’t know is back pain a result of a number of things one of which is a weak core. If you have a weak core maintaing proper posture becomes increasingly more difficult. An exercise ball has so many benefits, one of which is forcing you to activate your core muscles while you sit and type.

2. Get a Stand Up Desk

Alternatively you could opt for a stand up desk. These are probably even better because you have to use the tiny muscles throughout your entire body that make standing for long periods of time slightly uncomfortable initially. The first few weeks will be tough as your body adapts but it’ll be worth in the long wrong.

3. Stay Fit!

Exercising is one of the best ways to improve just about everything in your life. This includes your posture and core muscles. Remember how we talked about core muscles being essential to preventing long term back pain? Exercise lots, it’ll make a world of difference!

4. Stretch and Roll

A number of athletes have taken up Yoga to stay lose and limber and to prevent injury. I’m not saying you need to take up yoga but it’s one of the best ways to make sue you’re actually stretching your muscles on a regular basis. Guys like Adam Lind, have credited Yoga with reducing back soreness and tightness – something he has battled with over the past few years. Another personal fav of mine is to get a 36″ foam roller. These bad boys will make a world of difference, massages are terrific because they help move the blood around the old bod. A foam roller is a cheap effective way of doing exactly that.


Keeping The Work Place Safe

CAution TapeAccidents and injuries are more commonplace than you think. Safety first, the phrase that you’ll always see on different workplaces, but are they really followed and kept in mind? If you can see news or read newspapers, you might have heard most of the victims say, “I never imagined that happening to our place”. What does that imply? It means that most of us doesn’t prepare or keep in mind that safety is essential and not an afterthought. We need to think about safety first all the time, especially in the workplace. If you believe in what you just read, then keep in mind the following safety tips for keeping your workplace safe.


10 Tips to Keep Your Work Place Safe

  1. Understand the risks. Make sure that you know the particular hazards involving your job and/or workplace. Once you know particular hazards involving your work, you can easily create precautionary measures to ensure safety.
  2. Slips and falls account for one-third of the total injuries happening at workplaces. These are mainly caused by preventable dangers such as slippery floor, trailing cables, poor lighting and more. Act quickly when something goes out of place such as misplaced cables or spillage. Simple things can prevent disastrous results.
  3. Safety is a team effort. Keep everyone educated about the hazards and other risks that involve your work or nature of job. Workplace safety training can help in reducing or eliminating injuries and illnesses that one might get.
  4. Always keep communication lines open. Make sure that you can easily communicate with your colleagues, employers or employees to ensure safety and quick response time.
  5. Always wear breathing mask when doing things like residential painting, jobs involving chemicals and toxic fumes. It is also a good habit to wear a mask if your workplace is full of dust, debris or flying objects.
  6. Check the identity of strangers coming to your office or workplace. If they make you feel uneasy, inform the security or management instantly.
  7. Get first aid supplies ready at all times. Keep a first aid kit on an easy to reach place as accidents can occur anytime.
  8. Be wary of people around you and make sure that you don’t pose a hazard to them and vice versa.
  9. If your work involves heavy lifting and you are going to lift something too heavy, don’t be shy, ask for help.
  10. Make sure that ladders are secured and steady before climbing up. If in doubt, ask for support or wear safety gears.
  11. Maintain comfort and cleanliness. These are the basics of keeping safe, make sure that there’s proper lighting, spillages are cleaned, adequate drinking water and enough tools to work with. Also, provide ergonomic layout to reduce the chance of your employees getting injuries such as repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  12. Try to know your company’s emergency plan. If there’s not one yet, volunteer to develop one.
  13. Be aware all the time, concentrate on your surroundings and be aware of your workplace conditions.

Getting safety is the top priority for any workplace. Following the above tips can ensure your safety, their safety and the workplace’s harmony.